"Ah, I have been summoned! So, what is it you desire?"


Name: Motem

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/him, they/them

Role: God

Personality: Narcissistic, high-maintenance, prissy

Likes: Praise, attention, worship

Dislikes: Not being the center of attention

Theme Song: Domain of the Devil - God's Desire

An all-powerful deity who can grant any wish a mortal could possibly imagine—for a price, of course. In return for granting their wish, the mortal is bounded to a contract for eternity; that is, worshipping Motem until the day they die.

He seeks out those who are weak-hearted and have no where else to turn to. He is very, very demanding, and accepts only the finest of materalistic things. He needs the belief and worship of his followers in order to exist.